Modern Wedding Menu Sign | The Mia

  • A striking, modern wedding menu sign.

    Perfect for the couple who want their refined style at every special moment of their unforgettable day. Coupled with the rest of the Mia Stationery Suite, this modern wedding menu sign will be part a cohesive wedding look.

Drill holes can be added to your foam board or acrylic sign if you wish to hang it. Holes are 3/8" in diameter and placed .5 - 1.5 inches from the top corners.

Kindly note: Easel stand and florals are not included with your purchase.

This will be the background color for your sign.
This will be the font color for your sign.
Enter the wording for your sign. Please note this is a personalized sign, not a completely custom sign. Your wording will be formatted as shown on the pictured sign.