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Wedding Sign Stands Lily Roe Co

A Beginner's Guide to Wedding Sign Stands

The one thing we get asked about time and time again as wedding signage pros? Wedding sign stands. As sign makers, we know the method you choose to display your wedding signs can be the difference between mundane and magical. From which sign holders to use to where to find them,  we’re breaking down all you need to know when creating a gorgeous wedding sign display. Read on for our top tips.

What are wedding sign stands?

Most wedding signs are not free-standing. Wedding sign stands are supports used to hold your sign upright so guests can view it easily. Sign holders come in many different styles including wooden box stands, metal floor-standing sign holders, wedding easels, and frames. While all of these styles can get the job done, which one you choose is typically dependent on your aesthetic and your budget.

Wooden box stands and metal sign holders are the pricier options, but they are great for both indoor and outdoor usage. Wedding sign easels (wooden or acrylic) and frames (metal or PVC pipe) are a more budget-friendly choice and they work best indoors where wind isn’t a factor.

Where to find wedding signs with stands?

Regrettably, we don’t sell sign holders in our shop. Let’s just say, over the years we’ve learned that graphic design is our wheelhouse—not carpentry. Luckily, we’ve had the privilege of working with some fabulous vendors who’ve helped us transform our signage into beautiful wedding decor statements. We’ve listed our favorites below, but before we get to that, here are the three most common methods for finding a wedding sign stand that is both beautiful and functional.

When it comes to sourcing the perfect sign holder, you have 3 options—rent, buy, or DIY.

Opting for professionally designed wedding sign stands guarantees a polished finish and allows you to focus on other aspects of wedding planning. However, for couples with a creative flair, designing and crafting your own wedding sign stands can be a deeply satisfying way to infuse your unique style into the decor. Rentals offer the best of both worlds—a gorgeous sign display at a lower cost than outright purchasing.

Renting a wedding sign stand

For most couples, renting a wedding sign stand is an ideal option. You’ll get the beautiful display you need without the conundrum of what to do with it after the wedding.

If you choose to go this route we recommend checking with your wedding venue first. Many venues keep wedding sign stands in their inventory and will happily let you use them for a small fee. Sometimes, they will even include usage of their pieces in the venue rental fee! Start by reaching out to your venue coordinator to see what they have available and if it matches your aesthetic.

Another option for renting a wedding sign base is an event rental company. These businesses typically have a huge inventory of chairs, tables, glassware, and other wedding decor supplies. They may likely have a sizable selection of wedding sign stands that you can rent for a nominal fee.

The only major drawback to renting a wedding sign base is it may be challenging to find the correct size for the sign that you’ve purchased. Be sure to measure both your sign and the holder to make sure that you don’t have any unfortunate surprises on your big day.

Buying a wedding sign stand

If you’re looking to make a striking impact with your wedding signage display, buying a wedding sign holder is the way to go. While they can be tough to find and are often only available via custom order, purchasing a beautiful sign stand ensures you will have a gorgeous wedding sign display that perfectly complements your wedding aesthetic. A well-chosen sign holder will elevate your signage to a striking, memorable statement piece.

Of course, the drawback to purchasing a wedding sign stand is they can be pricey and you’ll have to figure out what to do with it after the wedding. We recommend selling it afterward. EBay is a great option for this, or you may want to try selling it to your venue or a local wedding rental company so they may use it for future events.

DIY-ing a wedding sign stand

Feeling crafty? Making your own sign holder is often a less expensive, albeit, time-consuming option.  If you’ve no idea where to start, a quick search on Pinterest, YouTube, or Google will turn up dozens of tutorial videos that walk you through the materials and process needed to create an impressive sign stand. Not sure what to search? Try these key phrases to quickly find what you need:


Wedding Sign Base

Wedding Sign Holder

Wedding Sign Stand

Wedding Sign Frame

Wedding Easel

Copper Sign Frame

Floor-standing Sign Holder

Our Wedding Sign Stand Recommendations

Now that we’ve walked through the basics of wedding sign stands, here are a few recommendations for where to purchase stunning sign holders for our wedding signs. We’ve used each of these vendors before with excellent results.

Wooden Box Stands for Wedding Signs

Our favorite choice for welcome signs with stands

Wedding Sign Stand White Wooden Box Lily Roe Co.

Artifacture: A custom fabrication studio that turns visions into reality.


Large White Wedding Sign Holder Box Stand Lily Roe Co.

Chillstands: A small business producing big results

Metal Free-standing Floor Stands


Metal Wedding Sign Stand Lily Roe Co.Wayfair: Fast, convenient, wow-worthy displays

Metal Hanging Sign Frames

Copper Wedding Sign Frame Holder Lily Roe Co.

Love the look of a gold wedding sign stand. These wedding sign frames are a perfect choice.

Etsy: High-quality, handmade

Wooden Easels

Wedding Easel Sign Lily Roe Co.

Amazon: The perfect wooden easels for wedding signs.  Classic elegance paired with speed and convenience.

Acrylic Easels

Acrylic Wedding Sign HolderCB2: Sleek and minimalist for couples with a contemporary aesthetic.

Table Displays

Acrylic Wedding Sign Holder Lily Roe Co.

Amazon: Small pieces with a huge impact.

Stunning stationery designs for chic celebrations.

Shop The Collections

Wedding Reception Signs Collection Lily Roe Co

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