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A comprehensive wedding stationery checklist from wedding signage and stationery boutique Lily & Roe Co.

The Ultimate Wedding Stationery Checklist

Navigating the world of wedding stationery can be daunting, especially when you realize how many pieces you need. However, it doesn’t have to be. At Lily & Roe Co., we facilitate a streamlined, fuss-free process for ordering wedding signs and stationery. Today, we’re here to simplify your planning even more with this comprehensive wedding stationery checklist! 

While Lily & Roe Co. doesn’t offer every item listed below, our one-stop shop has every essential, from announcing your engagement to sending thank-you notes after the big day. We encourage you to set a budget before purchasing any wedding stationery.

That way, you’ll only spend on the necessary items that communicate important details and help convey your wedding theme. You can always combine some of these items (or skip them entirely) if you’re trying to save money or be environmentally conscious.

A comprehensive wedding stationery checklist from wedding signage and stationery boutique Lily & Roe Co.

Wedding Stationery Checklist


Your wedding may be the main event, but if you’re having any related events in the lead-up to the big day, such as an engagement party or welcome dinner, they also require stationery. Most will only necessitate invitation cards. However, you’ll also need thank-you notes for a gift-giving occasion like a bridal shower.

Moreover, consider sending save-the-date cards to your guests six to eight months before your wedding day. While not required, these cards are a courtesy to your guests so they can start planning early to attend your event. The cards should include the city and state of your wedding and the address of your wedding website.

They should also note that a formal invitation will follow. Set the tone for your wedding with a digital, letterpress, or foil-pressed save-the-date card from Lily & Roe Co.

  • Engagement Party Invitation: If you choose to host an engagement party, this invitation informs your guests when and where the celebration will be.
  • Save-the-Date Card: Your Save-the-Date card will include the city and state of your wedding and the address of your wedding website. You should mail these cards to your guests six to eight months before the wedding.
  • Bridal Shower Invitation: If you or your significant other is having a bridal shower, these invitations will include the time and location of the event and registry information, if applicable.
  • Bridal Shower Thank-You Cards: Most bridal showers are gift-giving occasions that necessitate sending a thank-you note to all the attendees. We recommend mailing the cards two to three weeks after the event.
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Invitation: If you're having a bachelor or bachelorette party, each person in your wedding party (and anyone else you'd like to invite) will receive this invitation. In most cases, your Best Man or Maid of Honor will handle the design and mailing of this stationery item.
  • Rehearsal Dinner Invitation: While your immediate family and all bridal party members traditionally attend the rehearsal dinner, you may send them (and anyone else you’re inviting) a formal invitation.
  • Welcome Dinner Invitation: If many of your guests are traveling from out of town, consider hosting a welcome dinner. Send this invitation separately from your wedding invitation.

Wedding Invitation

Your wedding invitation is the crème de la crème of your wedding stationery! More than just an invitation card, it’s an entire suite of items that provides all the information your guests need to attend your day. The accommodations card lists recommended lodging in the area, including anywhere you and your partner have reserved a block of rooms. The reception card lists the name and address of your reception venue (if different from your ceremony venue), and the website card directs your guests to your wedding website for further information. 

A comprehensive wedding stationery checklist from wedding signage and stationery boutique Lily & Roe Co.

Consider including a few extras in your wedding invitation suite to enhance its aesthetic! For example, Lily & Roe Co. offers a variety of patterned and solid-color envelope liners to match your wedding style. Other optional enhancements include a vellum wrap, a semi-transparent sheet that adds a touch of luxury, and a belly band to hold everything together.

  • Outer Envelope: The outer envelope is also referred to as the mailing envelope. It will have your guests' names and addresses and postage on it.
  • Inner Envelope: The inner envelope is the presentation envelope that is often used if the invitation paper is delicate or there is a wax seal inside that needs an extra layer of protection.
  • Envelope Liner: The envelope liner is a decorative insert often used in formal wedding invitations. You can enhance your envelope liner with a pop of color, a pattern, or a unique design.
  • Invitation Card: The invitation card is the heart of the suite, featuring the wedding details, the couple's names, and the wedding date.
  • Insert Cards:  These are additional cards for conveying essential information such as RSVP instructions, transportation and shuttles, and wedding website URLs. This information can be broken up into individual cards or placed on the same card.
    • Accommodations Card: This card ensures your guests have all necessary lodging details at their fingertips, from hotel options to booking codes.
    • Reception Card: This is an additional card dedicated to the reception details, including the venue address, time, and any special instructions or requests for guests.
    • Website Card: This card directs guests to your wedding website, where they can find comprehensive information about the event, your registry, and more.
    • Directions/Map Card: This card provides clear directions and a map to guide guests to the ceremony and reception venues. Some couples choose to have a custom map made, like a watercolor painting, for a luxurious design touch.
  • Response Card: This insert, also known as the RSVP card, features checkboxes for meal preference(s) and the number of guests attending.
  • Response Card Envelope: This is a pre-addressed envelope to house the response card, stamped with the couple's address.
  • Vellum Wrap:  An optional finishing touch, a vellum wrap is a translucent layer that wraps around your invitation suite to hold all of the items together.
  • Belly Band: Another optional inclusion, a belly band is a paper band that goes around the invitation suite. It often features a monogram or wax seal and is done in a complementary color.

Day-Of Stationery

Your day-of stationery will enhance your guests’ experience from start to finish. Items like your ceremony program and menu cards tell them what to expect from the day. Meanwhile, wedding signs perform many tasks, from welcoming guests to the event to informing them where to sit. Our wedding signs marry form and function to enhance your wedding aesthetic!

Canyon pink wedding guest book with gold foil-pressed calligraphy from Lily & Roe Co.

A guestbook is one “extra” we recommend having at your wedding. While not strictly necessary, a guestbook is a beautiful keepsake you can look back on to remember who celebrated with you. Lily & Roe Co. allows you to customize your perfect heirloom in a color that matches your wedding theme, with your name(s) and wedding date in gorgeous foil-pressed engraving on the front cover.

Alternatively, you could opt for a nontraditional option, like an audio guestbook.

  • Ceremony Program: Your ceremony program will list the order of events and may also include any featured readings so your guests can follow along.
  • Vow Books: If you and your partner write handwritten vows, consider purchasing vow books to write them inside. Not only do they look better than plain sheets of paper, but they also make a lifelong keepsake to remember the day by.
  • Menu Cards: Menu cards list the menu for every course of your reception dinner, from appetizers to desserts, so your guests know what to expect. Usually, every guest's place setting will feature a menu card. 
  • Place Cards: Place cards help your guests find their specific seats at their table. They include the guest's name and their entrée selection, if applicable. 
  • Escort Cards:  Escort cards help your guests find their seats if you choose not to use a seating chart. They're at the reception entrance and include your guests' names and table numbers.
  • Table Number Cards: A table number card is placed on each table to signify its name or number designation. Guests will use these cards to locate their specific table after looking at the seating chart or picking up an escort card.
  • Signage: Signs have multiple purposes throughout your wedding ceremony and reception to facilitate a smooth, streamlined experience for your guests. Popular uses include a welcome sign, seating chart sign, unplugged ceremony sign, order of events sign, and bar menu sign.
  • Favor Tags: Favor tags allow you to personalize your wedding favors by designating each item for a specific guest.
  • Guestbook: Your guestbook is a sweet keepsake from your wedding day featuring your guests’ signatures and well wishes. It's at the reception entrance to ensure guests don't miss it.


After you’ve said “I do,” there’s still one more task ahead: thanking your guests. You may also opt to send out an official wedding announcement, especially if several of your loved ones couldn’t make it to the big day. Lily & Roe Co. offers a wide selection of elegant wedding thank-you cards so you can express your heartfelt gratitude to your loved ones.

  • Thank-You Cards: These cards feature a quick handwritten note to each guest thanking them for their attendance at your wedding and thanking them specifically for their gift (if they gave one).
  • Wedding Announcement: This is an official announcement of your nuptials sent to family and friends.

The Ultimate Wedding Stationery Checklist

We hope this wedding stationery checklist simplifies your planning! If you’re still unsure where to start, we recommend taking our Wedding Style Quiz.

This quick (and fun!) quiz will help you identify your wedding stationery and signage style. You’ll also discover which Lily & Roe Co. collection is the perfect fit for bringing your wedding vision to life.

Stunning stationery designs for chic celebrations.

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