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Wedding Weekend Invitation & Signage Guide

Wedding Weekend Invitation & Signage Guide

Most people think of a wedding as a one-day celebration, but we’re seeing more and more multi-day itineraries in the wedding world. From a welcome party and rehearsal dinner to post-wedding brunch, couples are celebrating with their friends and family for three days, and sometimes even longer! So, how do you communicate this with your guests? Here at Lily & Roe Co, we know all communication starts with your wedding stationery. Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or simply enjoying time with your people in your hometown, we’ve created the complete guide to all of the invitations and signage that you will need for a full wedding weekend. 

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Save The Dates

If you’re planning a full weekend of wedding festivities, it’s important to give your guests as much time as possible to plan! Since your Save the Date cards are often the first line of communication with guests, we highly recommend using them to give your guests a heads-up about the extended celebration. We love the idea of a “Save the Weekend” card instead of a traditional Save the Date, to clue them in that there wil be multiple days of events to plan and budget for.

Invitation Detail Cards

Regardless of any extended celebrations, your primary wedding invitation will remain the same – with only the information about the wedding ceremony and a note about the reception to follow. However, you should add an enclosure card with the details about any other important events. We recommend including the activity, location, and dress code for any events and then directing guests to your wedding website for more details. Cramming too much information into the invitation suite can be overwhelming, so it’s best to stick to the basics. However, you should include other pertinent information on the website, such as whether or not your event is hosted (using terms like “cash bar” or “no host event”) so guests are clear on what is expected of them. 

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RSVP Cards

While the wedding ceremony and reception always require an RSVP from guests, the other events throughout your wedding weekend may or may not require a headcount. Let guests know right away if they need to RSVP for each event by including them on the RSVP card. This will help keep everything organized and in one place for both you and your guests. 

Welcome Bags

If guests are traveling from out of town for your wedding weekend, it’s traditional to have welcome bags waiting for them when they check in. We recommend having a thank you card in your welcome bags to show your appreciation and add a personal touch. This is also a great time to give guests any maps or schedules they may need on hand throughout the weekend. 

Event Signs

More wedding events mean more decor, and of course, more wedding signage. Welcome signs are not only great for adding to the aesthetic of the space, but also help your guests to know that they’re in the right place. We recommend having a welcome sign for any important events throughout the weekend such as your rehearsal dinner, welcome party, and post-wedding brunch. 

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Wedding Weekend Paper with Lily & Roe Co.

Wedding paper goods are so much more than just decor or aesthetic details – they’re the primary way you communicate with your guests in the months leading up to your big day. Here at Lily & Roe Co. our goal is to make choosing beautiful, timeless stationery and signs easy, so you can enjoy your wedding planning experience. If you’re looking for a fuss-free way to shop, you’re in the right place. 

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