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What is a wedding guest book and why do I need one?

What is a wedding guest book and why do I need one?

What if there was a way to capture the fleeting feelings and thoughts of your loved ones on your wedding day … without inventing a mind-reading-and-recording device?

Enter the perfect keepsake solution: the wedding guest book!
No, it’s not a book for every one of your wedding guests. (Although that’s a cute idea!)

So … what is a wedding guest book?

A wedding guest book is a beautiful journal that your guests fill out on your wedding day. Traditionally, your wedding guest book was a legal requirement. Your guests had to witness your union and testify to the ‘reality’ of your marriage by signing your guest book and marriage documents. Once this law was changed, couples continued to use a wedding guest book as a keepsake and memento of who attended their wedding.

Today, your wedding guest book can capture the contact details of your wedding guests (so you can stay in touch and thank them for their gifts later) or, alternatively (and our favorite), capture their thoughts, feelings and advice.

In either case, it’s a beautiful way to remember who shared your most special day with you.

Why do you need a wedding guest book?

And do you really need a wedding guest book?

Some couples worry that they won’t appreciate and use their wedding guest book after the wedding, while others wonder if it’s worth the effort.

From our perspective, we love the sentimentality of a guest book and the idea that you, or your children, can sit down and read through those well-wishes 20 years after your wedding.  A lot of keepsakes focus on immortalizing the memories made between you and your husband or wife to be. Yet there are plenty of other individuals involved in making your special day so special. And while photos capture how everyone looked … a wedding guest book captures how everyone felt.

That’s a little bit magical, don’t you think?

Couples that have chosen one of our Lily & Roe Co. wedding guest books tell us that they feel more confident knowing that every wedding detail has been addressed. They also adored reading over the notes their loved ones wrote for them and the warm, fuzzy nostalgia made it well worth the investment!

Convinced? How to choose a wedding guest book

At Lily & Roe, we create custom-designed wedding guest books rich in elegance, quality and beauty for brides ready to stylishly preserve their love story.  

The ultimate marriage of style and substance, every Lily & Roe Co. wedding guest book is meticulously printed and bound with love in the USA by skilled craftsmen using only the highest quality paper.

Shop the Lily & Roe Co. wedding guest book collection here.

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