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Purple bridal shower sign by Lily & Roe Co. hanging from a rose gold minimalist frame

Your Guide to Bridal Shower Signs

If you’re a bride-to-be, there are several events you get to enjoy before the big day even arrives. One of those is your bridal shower! While planning a bridal shower isn’t as involved as planning a wedding, you’ll still need a few décor items. The top item on the list? Bridal shower signs! Read on to find out which signs you need, what size and material to choose, sign trends for 2024, and more.

What is a Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower is a pre-wedding event that celebrates the bride-to-be. The bride gathers with her female friends and family to enjoy quality time with them and be “showered” with gifts for her newlywed life. Traditionally, the bride’s mother, mother-in-law, or maid of honor hosts the bridal shower. However, today, it is acceptable for anyone close to the bride, or even her entire bridal party, to plan the event. 

What Bridal Shower Signs Do I Need?

A welcome sign is a must for any bridal shower! Situated at the event’s entrance, a welcome sign sets the tone for the celebration and lets your guests know they’re in the right place. We also recommend getting a guest book sign. That way, your guests won’t have trouble locating the keepsake to sign their names.

Bridal shower welcome sign by Lily & Roe Co.

In addition, we advise ordering signs that designate the purposes of different tables at the event. For example, if you have a table for cards and gifts or a table for guest favors, it’s best to label it with a sign to avoid confusion. 

What is the Standard Size for a Bridal Shower Sign?

24”x36” is the most popular size, but 18”x24” also works well. The key is getting an easily readable sign that doesn’t obstruct anything or look out of place at the event. Since most bridal showers occur in a small space, such as a restaurant or someone’s home, you don’t want to overwhelm the surroundings with an overly large sign. Note that you can always change the size of your Lily & Roe Co. order to tailor it to your needs.

What Material Should I Choose for My Bridal Shower Signs?

Foam board is a popular, budget-friendly choice. Lily & Roe Co. offers gatorboard instead of conventional foam board signs. So, you can enjoy a lightweight but durable product of higher quality.

Pink foam board bridal shower sign by Lily & Roe Co.

However, if you want a more elevated look, choose acrylic. While pricier than foam board, acrylic is a beautiful, modern material with a slight gloss, perfect for a bridal shower. Moreover, it works well for indoor and outdoor events, surpassing foam board for overall versatility. Combine all those qualities with our state-of-the-art UV printing, and you get the perfect, sophisticated look for your bridal shower.

What Are Some Bridal Shower Sign Trends for 2024?

Floral designs are trending in 2024. While flowers and weddings have always gone together, there are a few specific trending styles this year, including monochromatic designs and bold color schemes. We recommend adding flowers to your bridal shower signs for an upleveled look! You can even customize them to match your wedding day flowers.

Pink is another trend following the emergence of “Barbiecore” in 2023. Lily & Roe Co. offers our signs in several shades of pink, from barely-there “petal” to boho-inspired “canyon,” so you can select the shade that matches your style.

Acrylic bridal shower signs are also trending in unexpected custom shapes. You have your pick of ten distinct sign shapes when you order from Lily & Roe Co., including an on-trend arch.

Arch shape bridal shower welcome sign with pink roses and silver dollar eucalyptus

Order Customizable Bridal Shower Signs

Lily & Roe Co. creates customizable bridal shower signs that make beautiful event décor. Our curated collection simplifies carrying your celebration’s style and theme throughout your stationery and signage. With the ability to select each product’s size, shape, color, and specific wording, you can bring your vision to life. Shop the bridal shower signage collection today!

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