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Black and white letterpress wedding invitation by Lily & Roe Co.

The Ultimate Guide to Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Your wedding will be extraordinary, and you need invitations to match. Letterpress wedding invitations are the perfect choice! Created by hand using a time-honored printing method, these invitations bespeak elegance and luxury. They’ll wow your guests and set the stage for your special day. 

However, letterpress wedding invitations are an undeniable investment. They cost substantially more than digitally printed invitations because of the labor required to create them. Are letterpress wedding invitations the right choice for your event? Join us for a deep dive into the how and why of letterpress printing! Plus, learn how to place your order with Lily & Roe Co.

What is Letterpress Printing?

Letterpress printing is a luxury printing method that stationery artists have practiced and honed for centuries. An artist does the entire process by hand, hence the high cost of letterpress wedding invitations!

First, the artist mixes the ink for the design. If the design utilizes more than one color, they must mix each colored ink individually (this is why most letterpress invitations only feature one or two ink colors). Then, they must apply the ink to a custom-made metal plate embossed with the design. 

Now the fun starts! The artist presses the metal plate into thick, 100% cotton paper (like a giant stamp!). The ink penetrates deeply, creating a slightly indented, colored impression. If the design features a second ink color, the artist repeats the entire process to create the final product.

A guide to letterpress wedding invitations

Why Are Letterpress Wedding Invitations So Popular? 

Letterpress wedding invitations are timeless and have only grown in popularity. Couples love them for the luxury they connote with their understated, elegant designs and touchable texture. Moreover, the evident care invested in creating a letterpress invitation suggests an elevated, formal event. A comparable effect simply cannot be achieved with cheaper digital printing methods. 

Are Letterpress Wedding Invitations Right for Me?

Letterpress wedding invitations are most appropriate for couples planning an upscale, sophisticated event. Their remarkably high quality instantly signifies that your wedding will be formal. However, they can suit any wedding style based on the design and ink color(s) chosen. In addition, these invitations are a worthy investment for those who value beauty and craftsmanship. We encourage considering letterpress if you want to keep your wedding invitation as an enduring memento of your special day.

Letterpress wedding invitation suite on a pink background by Lily & Roe Co.

How Much Do Letterpress Wedding Invitations Cost? 

Letterpress is a time-intensive printing method that requires higher-quality materials than other methods. The artist must manually ink each plate and then painstakingly create the design by pressing it onto the paper. Therefore, letterpress wedding invitations are significantly more expensive than digitally printed invitations. Our pricing starts at $1,800 for a traditional four-piece suite. 

How Do I Place My Order with Lily & Roe Co.?

We’ve made the process easy! Choose your favorite design from our curated collection and submit your personalization details, including desired wording and ink color(s). We’ll take care of the rest!

Get started on your Letterpress Invitations here!

 How Long Will It Take for My Order to Arrive?

The processing time for our letterpress invitations is three weeks plus shipping time to your location.

A guide to letterpress wedding invitations

How Can I Further Customize My Letterpress Wedding Invitations?

We offer a curated collection of invitation embellishments, including envelope liners and wax seals, to elevate your Lily & Roe Co. wedding invitations.

Shop our selection of solid-color, floral-patterned, and vintage-inspired envelope liners here

While letterpress printing is a centuries-old method, our letterpress wedding invitations are anything but dated or stuffy. Our signature designs are fresh and on-trend, with a nod to classic styling. With our streamlined ordering process, you’ll enjoy opportunities for personalization and high-quality invitations that arrive right at your doorstep. And have we mentioned your entire order ships for free?

Learn more about us and get our expert advice for creating a sophisticated invitation suite (without the stress!) in our Complete Guide to Elegant Wedding Invitations.

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