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Signage and Paper For Your Wedding Reception

Signage and Paper For Your Wedding Reception

Your wedding ceremony may be the most culturally and legally important part of your wedding day, but the reception is where your style and aesthetic shine. From florals to place settings and signage, there are so many details that come together at your wedding to reflect your personality as a couple. At Lily & Roe Co., we specialize in creating cohesive collections of wedding day stationery and signage that allow you to carry your aesthetic throughout the event. To help guide you in choosing the perfect wedding reception signage and stationery, we’ve created a checklist of everything you’ll need for your celebration, so you don’t miss a thing.

Wedding Reception Signage and Stationery

Welcome Sign

When you think of a wedding welcome sign, your mind may immediately place it at the entrance to the wedding venue before the ceremony. And while that’s the most common place to see a welcome sign, it’s also common to repurpose it to welcome your guests into the reception space! We love repurposing items throughout the wedding day, and a welcome sign is a way to introduce your guests to the reception decor before they enter the room. 

black and white rectangle seating chart sign with flowers

Escort Cards, Seating Chart, or Place Cards

One of the most integral parts of an organized wedding day is telling your guests clearly and succinctly where to sit. Whether you opt for escort cards or a seating chart sign with or without place cards, guests should easily be able to find their name and table number to avoid a bottleneck or confusion at the start of the reception. Thankfully, these items can be stylish in addition to functional, and can easily be made to match the other signs and stationery throughout your reception.

Table Numbers

Guest tables are the primary visual experience that your guests will have during the reception, so of course we want them to look incredible. From floral centerpieces to candles, you put so much work into designing your tablescape – why would the table numbers be any different? At Lily & Roe Co. we offer affordable, simple table numbers in each of our collections so you can easily elevate this tabletop accessory.

Menu card laying on top of layered plates with pink table cloth and flowers


In addition to the table numbers, menu cards are an important visual aspect of the wedding tablescape. If you have menus present at each seat, they should be eye-catching and easily readable, while also cohesive with the rest of your table design. Menu cards are also unique in that they’re one of the few paper products during the wedding day your guests will physically touch so printing on high-quality paper is especially important.

Bar Menus

A good bar menu sign can make a huge difference to the flow of the bar and the overall guest experience. You want something clear and readable so guests can decide what they want to order before they reach the front of the line. Our acrylic bar menus are designed to not only match your wedding aesthetic but also be clear and informative for your guests.

Guest Book

When you think about the paper goods and stationery for your wedding reception, many people forget to include their guest book. If you opt for a classic guest book, make sure it matches the rest of your stationery and signage! Not only will this provide a cohesive look on the day of your wedding, but it will serve as a physical memento of your wedding design and aesthetic for decades to come.

Table Signs

There are so many small tabletop signs that can be placed throughout a wedding reception for decorative or logistical purposes. From the gift table to favors to a memorial area, these signs are both helpful for guests and add to the overall aesthetic of your wedding reception. Keeping the design of these signs consistent really elevates the visual experience of your wedding reception and adds a luxury feel to the day.

acrylic white rectangle wedding welcome sign

Wedding Signage and Paper by Lily & Roe Co.

At Lily & Roe Co., we know that couples have better things to do than to worry about each individual font on their wedding reception signage. That’s why we’ve created curated collections with chic and classic designs for you to choose from. Once you’ve found the design you love, you can purchase your entire wedding day stationery and signage from that collection, all online! We’ve created a streamlined process for couples seeking luxury wedding design so you can spend your time and energy elsewhere.

Some of our favorite collections: 
wedding reception signage and paper checklist

Stunning stationery designs for chic celebrations.

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