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Every Piece to Include in Your Wedding Invitation Suite

Every Piece to Include in Your Wedding Invitation Suite

What's included in a wedding invitation suite? If you have friends and family getting married, you’ve likely seen the full gambit of invitation suites: from a single invitation card to full stacks of cards wrapped in a vellum belly band. Just like every wedding is unique, the wedding invitation suite for each wedding differs based on the formality and preference of the couple. However, there are general guidelines that you can follow to make sure you’ve checked all the boxes. At Lily & Roe Co. we prioritize making the stationery buying experience as easy as possible, so we’ve created a guide to help you easily find the best invitation suite for your wedding. 

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Wedding Invitation Suite Pieces

Main Invitation

The main invitation card is what most people think of when we talk about wedding invitations. This is a full-sized card with all the most important information regarding the wedding, including who is getting married, when, and where. It can vary in size, shape, and style, but will always be included in your invitation suite.

Main Invitation Envelope

The envelope that encloses all the items in your invitation suite is known as the main invitation envelope. This envelope is addressed to your guests on the front and has your return address on the back. The main envelope will need to have enough postage to pay for the full weight of your invitation suite and be big enough to contain all the other items in your invitation suite. This is another must-have for any invitation suite so your invitation can be safely delivered to your guests.


Traditionally, RSVP Cards were small cards with spots for guests to fill out their names and check off which meal option they would like. These were then returned to you by mail. Although this is still seen in more formal weddings, it is more common now for couples to ask guests to RSVP to the wedding online. In this case, we have seen many couples opt to include a small RSVP card including instructions on how to use the online RSVP system. 

Couples can even include a QR code on their RSVP card to link guests directly to the online RSVP system! Just let us know in the personalization details when ordering and we can create a code that will make it incredibly easy for your guests to RSVP right from their phone.

RSVP Envelope

Since traditional RSVP cards are mailed back to the couple, it’s expected that the couple provide a self-addressed envelope with paid postage for the guest to use. These envelopes are smaller than the main invitation envelope and only require a forever stamp for postage.

Enclosure Card

Any additional cards in your invitation suite are referred to as “enclosure cards”. These can contain any important information you want to relay to your guests, from an itinerary to a map or information on how to access your wedding website. It is most common for couples to include just one enclosure card in their invitation suite, but for more complex weddings we sometimes see multiple enclosure cards. If you are choosing to include multiple enclosure cards, keep in mind that the added weight will require more postage. Additionally, guests can feel overwhelmed by too much information at once, so whenever applicable it is best to direct them to your website for more information.

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Wedding Invitation Suite Sets

3 Piece Invitation Set

A standard 3-piece wedding invitation set will include the main invitation, main invitation envelope, and an online RSVP card. Three-piece sets are becoming more popular as couples increasingly use online RSVPs, both for ease of use and sustainability. This is a great option for weddings that are less formal or couples who are trying to save some money on their wedding stationery.

4 Piece Invitation Set

Our 4-piece invitation set includes a main invitation, main invitation envelope, traditional RSVP card, and RSVP envelope. This is a classic option, and most popular with formal or black-tie weddings. It can also be a great option if you have many older guests who may struggle to use an online RSVP system and would prefer to fill out the RSVP by hand.

5 Piece Invitation Set

The 5-piece invitation set includes a main invitation, main invitation envelope, traditional RSVP card, RSVP envelope, and one enclosure card. This is another great option for formal or black-tie weddings that may require additional information for the guest. We also see these used often for destination weddings or multi-cultural weddings with unique timelines or multi-day celebrations.

Wedding Invitations by Lily & Roe Co.

Here at Lily & Roe Co. we offer 3-, 4-, and 5-piece wedding invitation sets with all the items you need to create the perfect invitation suite. You can even customize your set by adding additional items like belly bands or wax seals! We’ve created curated invitation collections so selecting and ordering your wedding stationery can be the easiest part of wedding planning. Start with our elegant wedding invitation collections!

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